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Client Reviews

Above and Beyond - Thank You, Mike!

Mike is 110% the best choice for a defense attorney. When we first called him, we were nervous, scared, and completely ignorant of the criminal justice system. His thorough knowledge and thoughtful approach helped us achieve the best possible outcome: a full dismissal of all charges. He does all of this with kindness, respect and a sense of humor. I never want to have to hire a defense attorney again, but if I did— I would call Mike immediately.

- RC

This Guy Works Hard to Get Justice for His Clients!!

The DA was trying to persecute me on some weak charges. Michael worked for over 18 months to try to bring some common sense to my case and in the end, fought to get the charges dropped. He worked hard for me and did win my case.

- JK

Defensive Perfection

I had been arrested for two felony counts and a misdemeanor after an argument within my family. I spent the night in jail, then bonded out. However, I was also informed a 7 day restraining order was in place. I had nothing except a cell phone, a little cash, credit card, and the clothes on my back. I could not go home. The Bail Bonds agent recommended Michael Coffino as the best attorney she knew. So, I made the call. It was to be the best call I ever made. He was kind and understanding, yet got to work right away. Always available by phone or email he chipped away at our case. He's knowledgeable, experienced and very savvy. At the preliminary hearing the two felonies where dropped. It would be months later, but all charges dismissed. Michael Coffino literally saved my family and career from the pitfalls in the judicial system. Make the call. You'll be glad you did.

- TJ

Best Possible Outcome!

Michael fought tooth and nail for me from start to finish. He didn't stop until we reached the best possible outcome and saved me from going back to prison when it seemed like that was the only option. Very responsive, on time, and professional. Highly recommend and couldn't of hired anyone better. Thanks again Michael!

- BG

Excellent Lawyer

An excellent, highly knowledgable and professional lawyer, whos attentive, compassionate and meticulous attitude helped me to successfully resolve my case.

- NG

Quality Representation With a Heart

Michael represented our son who faced serious criminal charges complicated by his ongoing mental health issues. He went well beyond the call of duty to engage our son despite our son’s recurrent issues and behavior. He skillfully made compelling arguments to the court on our son’s behalf and was able to negotiate a very satisfactory plea bargain. He wrote very persuasive motions and explored all possible arguments on our son’s behalf. His calm and cooperative manner was well received by the district attorney and the judge facilitating a favorable outcome. It was obvious that Michael cared about our son and the outcome and also the stressful process of the criminal proceedings for us all. He was most responsive to all our questions and telephone calls. I could not recommend him more highly.

- MG

Trustworthy and Fair

It is no fun shopping for a good attorney. My son had recently gotten a DUI with priors; he needed someone to help him navigate the case. My son and I put in considerable effort to find the just right person, a hardworking, experienced lawyer who was trustworthy and fair. The serious search effort we put in paid off in finding Michael Coffino. After a short family interview, my son hired him. This man possesses all of the positive traits I mentioned above, and more.

Mr. Coffino developed and pursued a multifaceted argument on my son's behalf that ultimately persuaded the judge in the case to suppress the State's DUI evidence, over the objections of the State of California. Mr. Coffino was able to get the charges dropped and subsequently get the DMV to reinstate my son's driving privileges. This was not an easy thing to accomplish. Mr. Coffino fought hard for his client, very hard. The victory was the direct result of Michael Coffino's superior knowledge and experience, his personality, his persistence, and, moreover, his willingness to roll up his sleeves. If more attorneys were like Mr. Coffino, there would be a renewed respect for the profession.

- DV

Trusted Advisor

Mike got us through some of the hardest and most stressful times, with sound advice and amazing representation. We commissioned Mike more than once. He successfully defended us and then represented us in renewing a restraining order, in a very complicated case that he took the time to thoroughly understand, and was quick on his feet to defend. He is a very smart attorney, is passionate about what he does, and he goes far beyond the scope of service you would get elsewhere. Look no further.

- CP

Working with Mr. Coffino

My family needed an attorney to get a restraining order in a complicated matter. We hired Mr. Coffino, who proved to be an excellent attorney with extensive knowledge of the law and inner workings of the judicial system. At crucial times, during our hearing he was able to cite case law that allowed us to present important information to the court. He also had to articulate and synthesize a lot of information about our case. He was straightforward and thorough during the hearing, my family got the help we needed and we won our case!

- EW

Amazing Attorney

We hired Mike to defend us and have worked with him for over two years. He's very detailed, comes prepared and is great at arguing in court. Having him as attorney made us feel comfortable and helped us greatly. I would recommend him to anyone who needs representation as someone they can rely on.

- AP

Incredibly Knowledgeable and Professional

I hired Michael to handle my case where my firearms were seized under wellness code 8102. It looked pretty ugly when I got letters from the sheriff's department so I knew I needed an attorney. Michael's rate was higher than others, but I decided to go with him because of how knowledgeable he spoke about the law. Told me some tactics we use to approach this case and I learned things from him from that initial phone conversation that none of the other attorneys even mentioned. So I chose Michael, which was a good choice. I never stepped foot in court, he handed everything. The case was basically dropped and I could get my firearms back. Very happy with the outcome and I would highly recommend him. Incredibly knowledgeable and extremely professional.

- MM

Great Criminal Attorney

Mr.Coffino saved me! He and his investigator got evidence that I didn't commit the crime I was accused of: Felony Assault With a Deadly Weapon. Charge was dismissed. Mr. Coffino is highly intelligent, professional, and actually cared about me. This is the attorney that the Marin IJ stated "the best attorney money can't buy" when he worked for the Public Defender's Office. And he really cares about his clients!!!

- JR

Highly Recommended!

Mike is an amazing, strong, and articulate lawyer that will not only point out the facts that are relevant to one's case but, will make sure that he has addressed every concern that you have to the court/judge. I was also very impressed with Mike's closing arguments. They were strong, very well referenced, and specific to the my case. For those that are wondering if Mike is the man for the job, HE is definitely the MAN you want representing you in your case.

- EM

Father of Client

I hired Michael to represent my son in a series of very difficult criminal cases. He was the third (and last) lawyer I hired. His empathy and understanding of my son's trauma-based behaviors is only surpassed by his knowledge of the law and his ability to advocate for and achieve a restorative justice solution for my son. His clear-eyed approach to my son's case was clearly respected by the Judge and the District Attorney, which allowed Michael to vigorously advocate for my son in ways that brought humanity to the oftentimes brutal, retribution-based criminal justice system.

- RC

Awesome Lawyer!

I had some experience with lawyers in the past but not like Mike. He was a bulldog in the courtroom. His closing arguments were off the charts and we won. Thanks Mike!!!

- CH

I Thought you Were an Excellent Attorney

I was Juror # 4 in the trial this past week and I just wanted to reach out to say that even though we did not rule in favor of your client, I thought you were an excellent attorney. If the verdict was based on just attorney skill, then you would have won, hands down. . . . I'm leaving this experience with a deep respect for all that goes into our judicial system as well as an appreciation for how much preparation must be involved in preparing for a trial. I hope I won't need your services in the future, so perhaps our paths will cross in a different context.

- Note from a Juror

Very Good Defense Attorney

Best attorney I could of asked for. I never had any doubts about him, I knew from the beginning he was going to do his best to help me and that was exactly what he did. Very informative about what was going on, he would lay out a plan and do exactly as he would say. Very good attorney. Strongly recommended.

- AM

Praise for Michael Coffino

I’ll never be able to explain everything you did for me. He did so much in my domestic violence case. When I called, he answered every time. He was there for me. He saved my life. What more can I say? I will never be able to repay him.

- FM

True Professional

I hired Michael upon our first consultation meeting to handle my DUI case. He is very detail oriented, listening to what my situation was at the time. He kept me informed of every court hearing, any new detail that he came across regarding my case, there was not a moment where I was left wondering what was going on. He also sent me reports of the court hearings and what he thought the best approach would be, he asked my thoughts about the case and we decided together. He took my case and within 5 months it was settled. He is true professional that is actually there to help you. I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone I know.

- JN

Successful Outcome

I can honestly rate Michael Coffino as an excellent choice to work with. Michael successfully represented me in a knife assault case throughout the course of my court proceedings until the final outcome. After a lot of work he got the DA to dismiss the case. He was patient and always answered my questions about the complexities of the case. Michael was thorough in providing the courts with everything needed to win the case. I highly recommend him.

- BC

Deliberate, Professional and Knowledgeable

Michael was referred to us as a resource for an attorney in Marin County for our sons case. Sadly, we had not gone to Michael initally ; he had to come in at the "9th hour" to work with the case we handed to him. He was very helpful and deliberate in his process. Michael was very accessable and not only helped resolve some of the issues but also was a calming voice with solid advise during a very dificult time for our family. I would highly recommend him.

- WR

Firearm Brandishing Case -- Dismissed

I contacted Michael at a desperate moment, he returned my call immediately. We met within the next few days and went over my case, although it was a difficult one, he assured me he would be able to help. Having never been in trouble before I have zero experience with the court system, Michael helped me understand every step of the way. He did not get frustrated with my questions, and was an excellent representative for me in court, appearing and speaking eloquently on my behalf and searching diligently for any and all evidence, putting forth all possible logical arguments, to prove my case. He achieved a positive outcome for me, recently getting everything dismissed, via diversion, without having to go to a jury trial, which He and I were prepared to do. The case also took a very long time to get to this outcome and he stuck with me the whole way. I appreciate everything Michael did for me, after a very traumatic experience.

- JG